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What is Container Drying?
Container Drying is the desiccant that protects cargo from humidity-related damages during transportation. It is used for seaborne container.
Container Drying has many advantages of higher capacity of moisture absorption and safety.

Container Drying – Specifications
More efficient – Container Drying has humidity absorption average capacity of 80% its own weight. It depends on the temperature, humidity and shipping time.
Efficient – Container Drying is efficient because of:
- Material has naturally porous structure, turns into gel after saturation. That prevents the collected water flown out to wet cargo.
- One-way layer made in Europe, that allows vapour coming in but water can not leak out to container.
- Hook is designed of preventing Container Drying to undo while transporting.
Safety – Container Drying includes mainly natural and non-toxic materials, so that there are not any problem while using or removing it.

Container Drying – Usage
Quantity – Container Drying is used 6-16 strips per 40’ container, it depends on the temperature, humidity and shipping time.
Simple operation – Removing the outside PP, then hanging by hook at specified place inside the container.

Container Drying – Package
Package: Container Drying is packed in 01kg/strip, 10 strips/carton
-    Strip: 85 x 14.5 x 3.5 (cm)
-    Carton: 510 x 280 x 260 (cm)
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