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                                                FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Question: What kind of product CONTAINER DRYING desiccant can be used for?
Answer: CONTAINER DRYING is the desiccant for preserving industrial range of goods against quality degradation due to the water vapor in the air. CONTAINER DRYING can use for different types of wood products (furniture, lumber after drying...), Agricultural products (tea, coffee, rice, corn...), Handicraft and fine art (lacquer made from rattan,...), garments (clothes, cloth...) and other goods (electronics, machinery, metal...).

Question: In what case CONTAINER DRYING desiccant can be used?
Answer: CONTAINER DRYING is used for goods transport and export by container (waterways, roads) or stored in not large warehouse and relatively closed.

Question: We know that one of the methods of moisture by using coverings for goods. Can we use CONTAINER DRYING product in this case? 
Answer:  In environmental preservation in the water (liquid) can be directly exposed to air cargo or by splashing rain, the method using the best coverings. In this case, CONTAINER DRYING should not be used in particular as well as desiccant generally as ineffective.

Question: In market, it is quite commonly using desiccant is Silica Gel, tell us the difference between this product and DRYING CONTAINER?
Answer: CONTAINER DRYING and Silica Gel are desiccant products, but there are some fundamental differences as follows: 


Hygroscopic Time - From 4 to 5 days. - From 6 to 7 weeks.
- Ideal for long voyage (Europe, North America...)
Amount of moisture drawn - From 20 to 40% of desiccant weight. - From 80 to 200% of desiccant weight.
Space - Ideal for small spaces (small box, carton...) - Designed specifically for container
Space - For the plastic packaging carton or packaged product directly. - Designed for container with hooks on the specific location inside.
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