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     CONTAINER DRYING is the desiccant for preserving industrial range of goods against quality degradation due to the water vapor in the air. CONTAINER DRYING can use for different types of wood products (furniture, lumber after drying...), Agricultural products (tea, coffee, rice, corn...), Handicraft and fine art (lacquer made from rattan,...), garments (clothes, cloth...) and other goods (electronics, machinery, metal...).


     Silica gel (SiO2.nH2O, n<2) is a common desiccant, used to adsorb moisture from different goods.


     Because of the hygroscopic capacity of desiccant is fixed, so clear how much of a desiccant medium, depends entirely on the "specific purpose", and some key factors to consider are:


     1. If we want to use desiccant to maintain humidity at a constant value that is not efficient due to hygroscopic capacity of desiccant decreases with time. Therefore, the moisture in the environment will always be preserved as "increase over time."


     2. In the case of desiccant is placed inside the barrel, box, bin boxes, if not contained, it did not significantly effect the moisture will be swept from outside to make desiccant quickly saturated after only a few days.


     3. If the product inside, but not dried out further moisture during storage, the desiccant is saturated quickly gravitate to.


     4. If the thin-shell storage tanks shall be sealed even 100%, the moisture inside is constantly changing due to diurnal temperature changes? for example, daytime humidity in the trunk can reach 50% at night but can go up to 70% -80%. etc ...


     Summary can not have an answer for all cases is how much desiccant do I need? So we roughly divided the determination of the amount of additives used in our country under the following three facilities:


     a. There are obvious technical purposes are those customers who purchase a set of technical requirements specific to the desiccant (moisture in terms of performance, substance, etc..). And before you sign a purchase contract between the customer and there is usually a round DUY THANH evaluate the quality coordination desiccant or efficiency.


     b. Due to the foreign customer or user requirements by "using it long ago" that the customer must use the correct types and sizes desiccant, so to choose the right type and amount of the sample.


     c. Efficiency is not clear: use desiccant often initially appear from the elements "psychological" (for example, a product that few foreigners have put a little package, then you can remove moisture , or a little extra to make desiccant packets, etc..). But people forget the long term "is required from the beginning why this is," and the product becomes a form of "do not dare give up - even the criminal realm." In this case needed scrutiny of similar products that use or not to decide whether to continue to use or not.


     Thus, to be able to advise appropriate amount of desiccant, first you need to determine the basis of their own choice what? from which to collect and provide us with relevant information to select the appropriate category.


     If selected on the basis of a) the need to provide us with specifications and product packaging. If selected on the basis b) the need to provide us with product samples and if the skeptics (c) the need to examine before making a decision.


     Thank you,


     Duy Thanh Company


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